We empower your organization to realize business effectiveness through our advanced machine learning methods (ML), artificial intelligence services (AI) and, data science tools.

Deep learning

Cognitive Speech services

Add voice capabilities to your applications for scenarios such as voice commands, transcription of conversations and real-time responses via chatbots. Create applications and services that speak naturally and also interact with your end users on the platform of your choice to improve customer engagement and satisfaction.

Text to speech · Speech to text · Chatbots · Speaker recognition

Natural language processing

Improve decisions through text analysis and add value to your data by detecting feelings, classifying intentions, categorizing documents, extracting phrases, names and keywords.

Document analysis · Text Analytics · (Form, table and key values detection)

Analyzing images and videos

Increase the ability to discover content in images and videos through text extraction, face recognition, object detection and classification. Use visual data processing to tag content from objects to concepts, extract printed and handwritten text, and recognize familiar subjects such as marks and references.

Image Analytics · Video Analytics · (Face Detection and Recognition) · (Object Detection and tracking) · Image classifications

Data Science

Data analytics

Discover new and valuable information in your data to advance corporate, business and functional strategies and decision-making. Your data can tell you everything you need to know about your clients to better serve them. Customize your user experience with data and connect with and expand your audience. Through AI and Machine Learning technologies, customizable experiences can be automated. Using user segmentation your business can offer recommendation systems, provide forecasting, predictive analysis and data classification.

Data visualization

Communicate complex information in a simple visual format. Our data visualization services make the complex accessible, and show trends and patterns easily. Our creative teams make eye-catching visuals that are interactive and can process real time information. For example our interactive dashboards can bring real-time updates on relevant business metrics that show the overall health of the company or a particular department.

Steps to Success

  • 1

    We start with a client session where our professionals will discover the client’s needs and objectives. Full analysis of the business and data in order to define an analytical report with the solution for success.

  • 2
    Product Assessment

    Take an idea to the next level and obtain a proof of concept of your product. Get a preview of your desired product and verify its results.

  • 3
    Development Solution

    Don't just stay at the proof of concept step. Deploy a complete minimum viable product and get your desired results. Our professional team will develop it and kick off your business product.

  • 4
    Ongoing Growth

    We provide continuous monitoring and complete support to the minimum viable product. Keep your product up to date and ensure your systems adaptability as it grows.

Why Golabs?

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Smart tech by talented people. That is what we stand for. We are a passionate group of
engineers, developers and strategic thinkers that enjoy solving our clients’ business challenges.

Our Knowledge

Our professionals are specialized in artificial intelligence, data science, web development and mobile development.

Our Core Values

Empathy, agility, excellence and added value are some of the qualities that we value in our
relationships with clients and as a team. We take pleasure in helping you grow your business.

Our Adaptability

We adapt to your business and KPIs, to create solutions that suit the direction your company is headed.

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