With one of the most skilled and highly educated populations in all of Latin America and a history and interest in technology, Costa Rica is a natural Nearshore choice for U.S. and Canadian companies.

Why nearshore in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is the perfect place for agile software development in Latin America

Ideal time zone

Costa Rica has one time zone (GMT-6) and keeps the same time offset all days of the year. The time in Costa Rica is the same as the Central North American states, making it ideal for organizations based in the U.S., Canada, and Latin American countries to work and communicate with our team.

An exporting country

As an exporting country, Costa Ricans highly value and appreciate relationships with other countries. But we are also conscious of the need for competitiveness and innovation. Costa Rica is a well-developed and politically stable country that values human rights, respects agreements, and keeps appointments.

Similar culture

Although Costa Rica’s culture is very rich, diverse, and unique, when it comes to work ethic, we are not all that different from the United States and Canada. At Golabs, we work with innovative and efficient employees who are able to keep deadlines and follow through on commitments. Effective communication between teams and parties is important for the success of any project.


Costa Ricans are educated, talented, and receptive people who are open to new technologies and innovations. Due to its high concentration of technology companies and higher education institutions, Costa Rica is rich in IT talent. At Golabs, we are very proud of our team of highly skilled professionals and technology experts.

Top quality connectivity

The frustration of inadequate internet service is difficult to deal with when working with software development teams in Latin America. Fortunately, Costa Rica offers fast and reliable internet options including satellite services. At Golabs, we use online meetings and video conferencing to interact remotely but directly with our clients abroad.

Nearshore Benefits

Biodiversity – 5% of Earth
Population – 4.8 Million
Labor Force – 2.21 Million
Education – 7.36% of GDP
Healthcare – 9.9% of GDP
Density – 203.5 inhabitants per square mile
No army – Since 1949
Area – 51,000 square miles
Languages widely spoken – English & Spanish


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