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Our client is a serial entrepreneur with a background in computer science, who has built, sold and worked at different venture backed companies.

In 2019, he decided to create a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) named Referenceable. Referenceable helps businesses to better manage customer references in order to support and allow new sales opportunities. Golabs team was tasked with creating the application software that would meet the requirements of the MVP.

This case study outlines how Golabs produced a functioning minimum viable product (MVP) that contained all the core features necessary which the client could start using right away.


Golabs had to design and create a platform that automates the collection, management, and distribution of customer references.

Our team had to turn a concept into a working product by designing and building a MVP that has all the necessary features it needs to function.
This had to be achieved in a limited time frame so that the product could be released onto the market.


We had to create a system capable of tracking content engagement and analyzing which content is driving sales and conversions.

The MVP had to be simple, user-friendly and solution-focused. Our team needed to drive the engineering design phase and develop a custom-designed solution that manages customer references, tracks sales content, and personalizes prospect pages.

Strategy & Execution

Golabs first conducted an interview with the client to better understand their technological needs and to document project scheduling.

This briefing made it possible for Golabs’ team to create the application architecture design while taking all wishes from the client into account. All requirements were clearly defined upfront which helped lead to a rapid start.

Our weekly meetings with the client allowed us to track progress, clarify priorities and manage expectations. Together, we evaluated the platform to ensure that everything worked according to their requirements.

These meetings and effective communication throughout the project made the entire process transparent and efficient.The result was a successful product launch with a smooth workflow beginning to end.

Services provided

Golabs’ team designed and created a successful MVP that captures, manages, and distributes customer references with context targeting.

  • MySQL, Ruby on Rails, React, and GraphQL were used to create the web application.
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) were used to ensure a standout infrastructure.
  • Kiwi TCMS was used during software testing and quality assurance.

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  • MySQL
  • Ruby on Rails
  • React
  • AWS
  • Kiwi TCMS