Platform Integration


Golabs client is a New Hampshire-based company that builds and manages universal integrations for cloud-based software solution SaaS Companies for platforms. Golabs is recognized in the technology industry for its experienced and widely knowledgeable engineers in a breadth of areas such as software development, product engineering, DevOps, and communication technologies including platform integration.


The client needed experienced platform integration engineers to help its existing team complete a series of agile integrations with platforms including Zoom, Quickbooks, Scribe y The company also needed engineers who could work with different types of user authentication and manage the security of each integration. An additional variable that the team faced was that each integration ran in a serverless architecture, which requires a high-quality analysis to achieve the desired efficient use of resources.


Golabs drove the engineering in conjunction with the client’s team through its platform integration projects by providing engineers who could work with different types of user authentication methods, while simultaneously managing the security and analysis of each integration.

Strategy & Execution

Golabs engineers joined the client’s team and worked in tandem with the company’s developers to employ agile methodologies to platform integration in both front and back end. At the project planning level, SCRUM methodologies were used. The following technologies were also leveraged: NodeJS, Mongo DB, ReactJS, AWS, Express, Serverless.

Services provided

Golabs engineers provided much-needed manpower to the client’s platform integration services working with Zoom, Quickbooks, Scribe y Our engineers expanded the client’s delivery capacity to its clients and increased the overall speed of the team, performing multiple functions without sacrificing quality.

  • NodeJS
  • Mongo DB
  • ReactJS
  • AWS
  • Express
  • Serverless
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