AWS Database Migration

About the client

Oficinaonlinecr is a Costa Rican company offering electronic invoicing services. The company is based in San Carlos but has a wide geographical spread of clients throughout the country.
Oficinaonlinecr offers one of the most used and well-established electronic invoicing systems in Costa Rica, and is considered to be among the country’s leading providers of electronic invoicing services.
This case study outlines how Golabs was able to provide Oficinaonlinecr with a secure and compliant solution for electronic invoicing.


Previously, Oficinaonlinecr used a system that was running on a shared hosting service. The maximum capacity of the servers had been reached which made a continuous growth in daily transitions and clients a challenge. Oficinaonlinecr needed a scalable solution that could meet these challenges head-on, and continue to grow and adapt with their company.


Golabs designed and planned the migration from the shared hosting service to Amazon Web Services (AWS). We outlined each phase of the solution implementation, providing clear goals and possible challenges, to achieve a successful migration for our client.
AWS was chosen as a new provider because of their longstanding market leadership, their reliable cloud computing services, and their ability to scale during periods when higher processing power and performance is required. Improving the end user experience and performance considerations were key requirements of the proposed solution.

Services used during the migration process

  • AWS Database Migration Service tool was used to help migrate data from the old server to AWS with virtually no downtime and no data losses.
  • S3, EC2, SNS and other cloud services were used to successfully complete the migration to AWS.

Results and benefits

Oficinaonlinecr’s platform was migrated and optimized in accordance with best practice following careful planning. Our solutions allowed Oficinaonlinecr to improve their system performance, accelerate their response time and significantly reduce infrastructure costs. The AWS platform gave Oficinaonlinecr a resilient way of being able to handle multiple transactions per second. Both the client and its customers noticed an immediate improvement in system performance and responsiveness.

  • C#
  • Core
  • Entity Framework Core
  • Azure cognitive services
  • Postgres
  • OpenCV
  • Hangfire
  • Angular 8