How to use the nearshore outsourcing model to avoid layoffs and beat the competition

Never a better time for Software Development Outsourcing

It’s time to thrive

Now, more than ever, a global view is critical to understanding the challenges and opportunities created by the pandemic, like the artificial intelligence boom which has led to a rapid automatization shift and the emergence of hybrid tech teams.

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The scenarios have changed dramatically even from June of 2022, where economists surveyed by the Wall Street Journal put the probability of the US economy heading into recession at 44%, with rising interest rates, inflation and ongoing supply chain disruption which are still hurting every business and industry, virtually everywhere.

Since then, we’ve seen massive layoffs in the tech industry and it looks like it’s not over yet. Information Technology (IT) leaders were already dealing with talent shortages, ballooning developer costs and ongoing pandemic-related changes and now need to prepare for challenging economic conditions ahead. We will all need to be adaptable in order to navigate what is to come. 

Developer recruitment and retention will remain the key pain point in 2023, leading more organizations to look offshore to beat the scarcity at home. This means: never a better time for software development outsourcing.
Are you taking steps to avoid the same fate many tech companies are facing today?
Worry no more.
This is your opportunity to thrive.

When you nearshore your software development, like thousands of companies are doing, you can achieve better results faster through:

  • Lowering costs, without sacrificing the quality standards you need with…
  • Access to a top tech talent pool with specialized skill sets and
  • Improved efficiency, you can focus on what you do best & rely on experts for everything else.

If nearshoring has played an invaluable role in offering affordable access to talent and resources in boom times, it proves its true value in tough times! The Golabs Nearshore Model can save you from 10%-30% in your overall in-house talent budget. Give us a call and find out how much we can save you and do for your company.

There’s an ongoing momentum of digital transformation projects and in this new era of cost constraints outsourcing can play a valuable role because of the strong business fundamentals in three key areas:

  • Cost savings

The new financial reality sees every organization tasked with having a laser focus on cutting costs, managing demand and securing the right skills. When it comes to software development outsourcing we are seeing the proliferation of hybrid teams made up of in-house staff and outsourcing partners. The pandemic has led to new ways of working in sync with the distributed virtual outsourcing model.

Application developers, especially those with the most prized skills, are extremely expensive. As IT executives look to reduce costs, outsourcing work to engineers in lower-cost locations really starts to make sense. When you outsource your tech needs, you can save money on labor costs and you won’t have to hire in-house staff to manage your technology.

  • Access to specialized skill sets

By partnering with a nearshore tech company, you can access skilled professionals who have the expertise and experience to tackle complex technical challenges. Costa Rica and other Latin American countries have a population of highly educated people who are interested in technology, making them an ideal choice for nearshore outsourcing.

  • Improved efficiency

Multi-partner outsourcing will become the new norm as businesses deepen and expand their offshore relationships. Hyperspecialization is causing many outsourcing partners to assist with in-demand and emerging technologies where the domestic skills shortage has stalled progress. Outsourcing can help improve efficiency by allowing you to focus on what you do best while relying on experts for everything else.

Some of the biggest US companies weathered the 2008 global financial crisis by downsizing and outsourcing and they’re doing the same today. Nearshore outsourcing lets you adjust for economic uncertainty and keep operational and administrative costs low so you can pivot to meet the changing needs of your customers and market shifts. It’s a proven method of maintaining productivity and taking pressure off your in-house development team.

Let’s change how you do business with the best engineers in the market and make the most of today’s technology.
At Golabs we are solution-driven software engineers, we know how to evaluate business conditions in real-time, we’re agile and have a growth mentality, adaptable to new challenging scenarios.
Contact us today and let’s get started.

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