This is how we do technical recruitment at Golabs

An introduction to technical recruiting

Before delving into technical or Information Technology (IT) recruiting, we should give a brief explanation of what recruiting is in general. Personally, I describe it as the process by which the right talent is found to perform specific tasks, for the right organization and increasingly more important, at the right time. And this same process can vary according to each industry or company’s needs.

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webiste pictures blog Recruitment how we do 1 1

Now, when we talk about IT recruitment, we refer to a branch of the Human Talent unit, where the search for talent is focused on experts in information technology, i.e. web development, mobile development, artificial intelligence, quality assurance, among others, as is the case for Golabs.

To successfully carry out the recruitment process, the recruitment team must have technical and very specific knowledge, since it is required to understand from the name of the position to each of its responsibilities.

The following are some of the most important points in order to carry out a selection process in the best way:

Position analysis

  • What kind of project will be developed? Mobile, Web, AI.
  • What is the approach for the position? Frontend, Backend, Fullstack, QA.
  • Experience level: Entry, Junior, Middle, Senior, Lead.

Analysis of the position responsibilities

  • Expectations of the position (3, 6 and 12 months).
  • Nature of their tasks.
  • Relationship with other teams.

Analysis of requirements

  • Technologies the candidate must know.
  • Technologies would be nice the candidate to have.
  • Soft skills.
  • Language.


  • Every recruiter must know which are the main platforms to carry out the search for candidates.
  • Must be accompanied by employer brand positioning.

Recruitment process

  • Must be agile.
  • Only the necessary steps.
  • Communication must be fundamental with the candidate from start to finish.
  • Each candidate must be clear about expectations from the start.

Each industry, organization or agency must carry out the recruitment process that best suits its organizational objectives; there is no single recipe.

At Golabs, we make sure that communication, transparency and horizontality are the keys to each of our processes. 

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