About us

Golabs is a technology company headquartered in Costa Rica.

With operations throughout LATAM. Our core focus is building intelligent tech solutions to help our customers be more efficient in optimizing internal digital processes.

Our History


Golabs starts operations in Costa Rica, providing software solutions to the US, Canada, and Latin America.


Golabs successfully launches its Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Unit.


Golabs opened a commercial office in the United States.


Golabs became an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner specializing in cloud services.


Golabs was acquired by Tech Latam Consortium and started operations throughout Latin American countries.

golabs vision


Meaningful Work, Global Impact.

golabs mission


We build customized tech solutions driven by global experts.

golabs values


  • We take ownership while constantly improving.
  • We are agile delighting our customers with the latest tech, quality & innovation.
  • We are stronger together. Our people come first. We lead by serving others.
  • We remember where we come from.

Solutions Journey

After years of working with various clients from different industries, we've gathered four steps to innovation success, from identifying a client's challenges to implementing custom-tailored intelligent tech solutions.
golabs - Organization Analysis

Organization Analysis

First, we plan and map processes in a goal-oriented manner. We set achievable goals and assign them to our talented people who design high-value solutions based on technology.

golabs - Process Planning

Process Planning

We start with a comprehensive analysis of your company, its organizational processes, and key markets to identify the opportunities for long-term success and company growth.

golabs - Development


Our team will create intelligent technology solutions for your business's needs. Using a combination of testing approaches, we customize solutions and generate further insights.

golabs - Process Implementation

Process Implementation

We push it live, scalable, and evolutionary technology. We provide ongoing monitoring to ensure a disruption-free continuation of the client’s needs and objectives.


golabs - Empathy


Understanding your challenges and gaining clarity on technology solutions that drive revenue and ensure optimal performance.

golabs - Agility


Besides greater efficiency, speed, and balance in every possible area, our solutions help you achieve better business outcomes.

golabs - Excellence


We deliver high-quality solutions for your company and strive for excellence in every aspect of our service so that you can focus on your business.

golabs - Added Value

Added Value

With our technology solutions, you create competitive advantages that better please your end-consumer and increase your chances for success.